How the journey started

Ten years ago I got married to the love of my life.  Long story short, I highly recommend going on as many blind dates that your family or best friends try to introduce you to…you just never know.

We were both in our early 30’s and had followed the dictum from our parents

You must finish your education and have a career before you are married

Best form of birth control ever! With graduate school or professional school for both of us, by the time we finished we were in our late twenties and working for a few years was enough for me to ask,”Mom, Dad whyyyyyyyy?”  But you know something? Listening to that advice got us to where we are today so…

Holy Cow Batman, they were right!  Now some of you readers may disagree with this piece of advice but bear with me as we continue on this journey.  I have found that learning about and possibly adopting certain cultural norms/advice have helped me tremendously.  No matter how politically incorrect it may sound, these nuggets have helped us achieve some pretty awesome things.  So I hope to share them with you in the coming year.

At the time we got married this was our financial situation.  As you can see below who really was the smart one in the family.

Wife’s Comment: Booooyah!

Well, except for her credit score….hurhur

 As of March, 2007  Myself  Wife
Credit Score                  680                      650
Salaries  $  75,000.00  $    125,000.00
Savings  $    5,000.00  $      50,000.00
Investment Accounts  $  10,000.00  $      20,000.00
Retirement Account  $  20,000.00  $    180,000.00
Car  $  18,000.00  $      15,000.00
Rent  $  (1,500.00)  $                     –
Mortgage Payment  $                 –  $      (1,800.00)
Net Worth
Home Value  $    480,000.00
Cash Equivalents & Other Assets  $  53,000.00  $    265,000.00
Mortgage  $                 –  $ (280,000.00)
Subtotal:    $  53,000.00  $    465,000.00

This doesn’t describe how each of us got to where we were before marrying each other, but we plan to describe it in later posts.

Author: theblindinvestor

Pursuing Financial Independence, one mistake at a time.

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